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What do SiteLock and Trust Guard
Have In Common?

When it comes to Website Security and Website Scanning services such as PCI Scanning, Malware Scanning and SSL Validation Scanning for small to medium sized businesses, SiteLock and Trust Guard have a lot in common.

For example, they both secure websites from all 3 of the main types of security vulnerabilities (PCI scanning, Malware scanning, and SSL validation scanning), they both help websites achieve PCI Compliance, and they both provide Trust Seals that have been proven to increase online conversion. Ultimately, both services are great options; however, there are a few key differences that should be carefully considered.

Here are the 3 key differences between
SiteLock and Trust Guard:

Trust Guard - Most Advanced Trust Seals

$200,000 in
Cyber Protection

In addition to our standard plan, we also offer $100,000 in Cyber Insurance and $100,000 in Breach Response Insurance that protect your company and surround you with a protective barrier of cyber experts if there’s ever a breach. The average cost of a breach is $200,000, so this additional protection could literally save your business.

Trust Guard - Most Advanced Trust Seals

Trust Seals
Designed To Sell

Trust Guard Seals have been painstakingly designed to do one thing - get more of your customers to buy from you. In fact, our seals are strategically engineered to display 6 key trust signals to your potential customers that eliminate emotional friction points, build trust, and motivate them to buy, which increases your conversion and sales.

Trust Guard - Most Advanced Trust Seals

Focused on
Building Trust

Unlike Sitelock and virtually every other security company online, because Trust Guard was founded by the creators of Shopper Approved - one of the largest review companies in the world, we intimately understand the incredible amount of value that comes from building trust and social proof online. This allows us to provide you with the best of both worlds - comprehensive security, and beautiful, highly trusted seals that build trust and increase your sales.

Experience the Trust Guard Difference

For over 15 years, companies of all shapes and sizes have chosen Trust Guard to protect their
website, because we offer the most protection and peace of mind - all for just pennies a day.
Here are the 3 ways that we protect both your website and your business:

Trust Guard - Software Box

Protection #1: External PCI Scanning
We scan for over 75 thousand known weaknesses and vulnerabilities, in an effort to try and eliminate any doorways that a hacker might use to gain access to your site.

Protection #2: Internal Malware Scanning
We use Heuristics from thousands of websites and millions of data points to scan your site for any malicious code hidden within your files.

Protection #3: SSL Validation Scanning
We scan your SSL on a regular basis to make sure it's active. We can also install the latest auto-renewing SSL, based on the plan you choose.

Trust Guard Seals Can Help
Increase Your Sales

When you choose Trust Guard, not only do you get PCI, Malware, SSL, and your own Cyber
Insurance Policy, you can also add the Trust Guard 'SECURED' Seal to your website, which gives
your customers peace of mind and to helps to increase your sales.

Your Customers want to know that you are serious about their security.

Trust Guard's Security Certificate allows you to display what security measures you have in place to protect them, and can significantly impact on their decision of whether or not they should buy from you.

Trust Guard - Certificate Sample
Adding the Trust Guard SECURED Seal and Checkout Seal to your website will
Increase Your Sales!
Trust Guard Security Scanned

The Trust Guard SECURED Seal is one of the most trusted seals online, and can be added to any page - showing your customers that your website is safe.

Trust Guard Security Scanned

The Trust Guard Checkout Seal resolves security concerns right on your checkout pages, where customers are most likely to abandon their purchase.

You're Security is in Good Hands

Trust Guard - Over 15 Years of Service
Trust Guard - Trust Guard - 900+ Review Badge Shopper Approved

It's time to fully protect
your most valuable asset.

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Trust Guard works directly with a team of Insurance providers, including Coalition, RPS and Buckner to provide their clients with affordable Cyber Insurance solutions; however, Trust Guard is not a commercial insurance carrier or an insurance agency, and does not issue any policies directly. Any Trust Guard clients who want insurance will be required to fill out an application and sign a Cyber Insurance policy issued directly from the Insurance carrier.
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